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Mitja Frank started DJing with the age of 16. At first only with software on his personal computer and after working and learning with professional DJ Equipment.

His first gigs were on private parties but after a short time another DJ discovered him as a big talent. So he started his career as resident DJ at a local Club in his hometown Essen. After that many other gigs followed and the career goes up to the SMAG Sundance Open AIr Festival 2017!

With his precise mixing and powerful sets he is the best choice for an electronic party. Groovy but also deep and melodic his sound is always on the current vibe. From House to Techno, he is able to connect all different styles in one set, taking the crowd on a journey through the world of electronic music!

Today he his founder and owner of ''Pitch & Gain Performing Music'', a project from and for DJ's, musicians and music lovers, to show people what DJing is about and what DJs are doing.



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