Mitja Frank

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October 11, 2017

Mitja Frank started DJing with the age of 16. At first only with software on his personal computer and after working and learning with professional DJ Equipment.

His first gigs were on private parties but after a short time another DJ discovered him as a big talent. So he started his career as resident DJ at a local Club in his hometown Essen. After that many other gigs followed and the career goes up to the SMAG Sundance Open AIr Festival 2017!

With his precise mixing and powerful sets he is the best choice for an electronic party. Groovy but also deep and melodic his sound is always on the current vibe. From House to Techno, he is able to connect all different styles in one set, taking the crowd on a journey through the world of electronic music!

Today he his founder and owner of ''Pitch & Gain Performing Music'', a project from and for DJ's, musicians and music lovers, to show people what DJing is about and what DJs are doing.



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June 17, 2017

Shiyam (maintainReplay I pedroche I Fundamental ) ) 

DJ and producer Shiyam has been a well know name among our clubbers. Over 25 years of experience in top ranked clubs,Valentinos ,Venue ,My kind of place(TAJ) ,Mix Bar and Lords) and a Huge star in Bahrain (Resident DJ for Pulse Discothèque – Bahrain). He has played along side 'Above & Beyond, Avichii,Dash Berlin,Thomas Gold, Jerome Isma-Ae,Prok & Fitch, Mark Knight, Ministry of sound Tours,303Lovers,Susetset Festival,Fantasia Holibuzz(India) ,Hikka Beach Fest,

Shiyam was the 1 st Sri Lankan to perform at the worlds famous Formula-One(Water Festival) 

In the short history of Sri Lanka's electronic dance music scene, Shiyam has been a pivotal force in its evolution. With almost two decades of experience, Shiyam is always original and never afraid to take risks, making a name for himself as one of the of the most influential and respected DJ's in the country.

He has been a major influence on the increased popularity of House,Deep House and Tech House in Colombo and has organized and headlined some of the most cutting-edge ongoing dance parties, including Booka Booka,"Electronic Revolution, 

Whether it’s a night at the club or an after party at the beach, Shiyam never fails to deliver, laying down some of the hottest tunes this island has ever heard. With his signature style of unpredictable, dark and groovy style, Shiyam always keeps you guessing, dropping bombs on the dance floor and taking his dancers on a mind-blowing sonic journey.

A Maestro of his own kind. Being in the Industry for a long time, he has is own ways of showing who the boss is when it comes to Electronic music. Known among fellow DJs as “Loku Aiyya (Big Brother )“

Shiyam has now put his foot forward in creating a Revolution in Electronic music in the country.

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Genres - Tech/Deep /Techno

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